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Unsaid Words
Tuesday, 12 June 2012
♥ 12:54:00

AND all the Love missed in unsaid Words... Those Moments keep coming back to haunt me. The Words were already in my Mind, why did I miss the Moments to say them?

I once heard someone say, the furthest Distance in the World is not between Life and Death, it's when I'm right beside you and can't say "I love you." I curse myself for missing all the moments, but there are no Mistakes, Mistakes make us who we are. I have learnt and I have grown...

Those Scenes are so vivid in my Mind, everyday they accompany my Sleep. Before I sleep, in the middle of my Sleep, when I wake up... I cherish those Memories, yet sometimes, I wish I can forget them.

"A good life is guided by Knowledge and inspired by Love." This is not quite Love, but I'm inspired by the Prospect of seeing you again. Thanks for giving me the Inspiration.

Don't write me off yet, everyday I'm working hard. I'll be back.

Monday, 11 June 2012
♥ 19:47:00

I gave you my unsaid Words, in hope that you will give me yours...

Saturday, 9 June 2012
♥ 21:41:00

You are a haunting Melody in my Head, sometimes giving me the Drive to grow, sometimes driving me close to Tears in this Emptiness.

Eyes That Can See Through
Thursday, 13 January 2011
♥ 20:11:00

As I grow, one by one my initial dreams start to look naïve. I see through the dark complications. I grow.

When we were young, we all had high ambitions. They taught us in kindergartens to be friendly, to be honest and to play fair. We thought all the adults had the collage of virtues incorporated into them. We could rarely, if not never see through the adults’ mind. We thought they’re geniuses.

I see the politicians, I wanted to be like them, making stirring speeches. All that was needed is to be intelligent and work hard. I watch sports and competitions, I started dreaming of being as good as the participants, bathed in glory. All that was needed is talent and training. I thought the world was a fairytale. All we need to do is to use the values they’ve thought us, and we’re bound to succeed.

A few years later, things haven’t changed much. The geniuses seem to have countless lessons on life for us. They never run out of stories, never run out of experiences to be passed down. They tell us the evil of others, about conmen, and how we can infer and protect ourselves. Through the lenses they equipped us, we start seeing through others.

Time flies, we start seeing the imperfections of the society. The world is not a fairytale. Just following what they taught us is not enough. We start to have new goals, more mature and materialistic ones. We remove a few layers of the lenses given to us. We slowly start to develop our ability to see on our own.

Now, still with the shades of those completely removed lenses, we use our own eyes to see. They are still geniuses. Everyone who can’t see through them are being played, those few who can are agonizingly helpless. They have to live with it. Some of our goals are like mice’s goal of getting the cheese, they could have spent nights observing, practicing, planning and getting support, but it’s all a set-up. They can never get the cheese. They are just victims. They can’t outwit the humans. Even if they can, they can’t outmuscle them. Till they evolve.

I realize the complications as my limitless experience bag is being filled. I see the big picture and have big goals. Most things troubling others are minor to me. My composure seldom quivers. My hope seldom fades. I am an optimist.

Life is a comedy for those who think... and a tragedy for those who feel.

But I am the playwright of mine…

Monday, 19 July 2010
♥ 00:21:00

I Have finally Decided to Post this, one of my Favourite works. It's up to your Interpretations.



俗话说:天下无不散之宴席。是的,相聚的时间总是短暂的, 无论是如何的不忍面对离别, 还是得说再见。然而,没有离别的忧伤, 就没有相逢的喜悦;没有思念的痛苦,就没有重逢的感动。如果不说再见,如何能够再见?









日复一日,渐渐地,老枫树不再尽量挺直伸展它的树干了。相反,它所有的枝干都懒散地垂落了下来,叶子也不由得开始变得枯黄了。它不想再看了,看得越远,失望越深。它只想将自己深深地埋藏起来,躲在安全的黑暗之中,正如它还是一颗种子那样。它认为,或许,这样会减少一点自己的烦恼 自己的伤痛。只不过在黑暗中,它一次又一次反复回味着栀子花的香气。那是代表女孩的气味。只要那股香气从记忆中旋绕而出,它就仿佛再次感觉到女孩飘动的发丝搔着它的树干,或又一次听到女孩天真的笑声。它多少次在梦中微微嗅到那股气味,猛然醒来,才发觉梦想在现实面前总是那么的不堪一击。




The Lingering Sound of an Imperfect Cadence
Tuesday, 27 October 2009
♥ 01:32:00

Another Dark, Lonely, Silent Night...

Overcome with fatigue after a full day of activities, nevertheless, still thinking about her. What am I supposed to do now? Shall I just keep quiet and wait? No, I don’t have the patience.

But wait, if ‘tis true love, why mind waiting for a while? As a good friend has said “Do you want to hold her hand for a year, or be with each other for a life time?” it makes me reflect. Indeed, if it’s a lifelong love, why mind this short period of time? But once again, what if she has fallen for someone else in this period? I do notice a few signals of intent to someone else, but am I being too paranoid again? Inference of her words demoralise me, but is it that I’m just at the wrong place at the wrong time to start a conversation?

Looked through our past chat logs, and realised with agony how much she has changed within this short period of time. It’s all that damned incident! Why must it be addressed so late? Why must it happen at that time? Why didn’t it just be over and done with 2 months ago?! Well, I suppose I need to give her time to accept me again, but she’s leaving real soon. How I do pray she’s going to accept me again before she leaves; how I do hope she’ll at least talk to me!

I feel helpless. This feeling isn’t pleasant, not at all. I’ve never felt this way before, never so strongly. One with such strong character, yet so unconditionally succumbing to the torture of romance willingly, how much more madly fallen can I be! The power of love is no doubt the most powerful in the universe. In front of this power, I am just so vulnerable. And when it works against me, I can do nothing about it.

This helplessness makes me feel weak…

The End of a Nightmarish Chapter
Sunday, 25 October 2009
♥ 02:50:00

The Saturday evening settles down, with smells of steaks in passageways...

Not long after dinner, the shadow of the night gently looms over. As it gets deeper into the mysterious night, activities have halted, noises have ceased, everything around seems to have silently come to a standstill. I glazed out the windows. A sleek BMW glides through the serene landscape of the meandering street. The only audible sound is the calm melody of Paul Collier's "Slow down" echoing through the walls of the house. Tranquillity rules.

As the beautiful melody progresses, I can't help but reflect on the meaningful day that marks the end of a nightmarish chapter of my life. People say that "before guys go to sleep, they always think about the girl they truly care about." Well, to me, this is certainly true, because what I'm doing now is a testimonial to the thesis. Most heartily I’d like to tell you, that you are the one I care for the most. You may not know that right from day one, I had this strong, unknown sense of duty to to protect you for the rest of your life. As time passed, this sense of duty has motivated me to have the wish to shower you with love, to embrace you with warmth, and to give the whole of my heart to you.

Over the past few weeks, I have been really paranoid about what you’ve been thinking of me. I could sense that you have started to distance yourself from me. I desperately tried to cling on. I tried to test you on several occasions, hoping to discover that I was just thinking too much, but only to realise that my worst fear was getting closer to being reality. Those nights, I was always half asleep, thinking about you, thinking about how to regain your trust, thinking about what to say to you the next day. I’d abruptly wake up on several occasions, thinking that you have finally replied my message, only to realise that dreams are so vulnerable in front of reality. Every afternoon after school, I’d straightaway lay in bed and try to sleep, because only then, could I forget about how you have changed and soar in the skies of dreamland. Unfailingly, u always appear in my semi-conscious mind. Everything that I did reminded me of you. Then, I finally mustered up the courage to talk to you about it, I knew that if this goes on, we’d just remain the way we were and I’ll forever stay in misery. Truth be told, I was 100% honest to you, there’s nothing I have hidden, nothing I am hiding and nothing I will ever hide from you. You just mean so much to me..

As this chapter is marked with a full stop, i sincerely hope you'll start anew with me and pen a brand new chapter together. a lovelier one, a sweeter one, a better one.

To be absolutely honest, I am not sure if you have really forgiven me. Perhaps not yet, but with all of my heart, I hope you will. Because you are everything to me.

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